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5 Makeup Essentials for Humid Weather

5 Makeup Essentials for Humid Weather

Packing my bags for the Philippines last summer, I struggled to choose what essential makeup for humid weather I needed to last me two months abroad. I brought my palettes and foundation in at least three different forms with my wide assortment of lipsticks that I barely even wear here in Seattle. But by week two, I gave up on my normal makeup routine.

The humid weather makes you sweat a lot, and the heat doesn’t help either. It was my dry skin’s dream and I can only pity you guys with oily skin. If I traveled somewhere that humid again, I could go without more than half of the makeup I brought on my trip. So, I want to share with you guys what makeup for humid weather I had the best luck with.

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1. 30 SPF Sunscreen Spray

My first pick would definitely be a spray-on sunscreen. So many people I traveled with claimed that they never burned only to go home with blistered, peeling skin. Especially in tropical climates, which tend to be pretty humid, a little bit of sunscreen is a must. It’s probably going to be necessary to reapply during the day, especially if you are swimming or even sweating a lot, so my first pick is a sunscreen spray that is at least 30 SPF with protection against UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreen sprays are great for makeup lovers because you can apply them easily once you have done your makeup and continue reapplying throughout the day without smudges or smears.

2. Waterproof Mascara

The next essential is definitely a strong waterproof mascara. Water resistant isn’t going to cut it. Humid weather keeps your face wetter than usual, causing regular mascaras to smudge and flake especially below the eye. If you are looking to go on the cheap, I would recommend Maybelline’s The Rocket in the waterproof formula. It’s my go-to mascara when I plan on getting a little wet.

Tip: If you do get your mascara wet from water or sweat, avoid rubbing your eyes to prevent smudging and flaking.

3. Powder Blush & Highlighter

The important thing to remember about makeup for humid weather is that you want to choose products that will absorb moisture, not create it. I’d forget the cream and liquid products and switch them out for your favorite powder products, instead. Blush is one of my favorite products to add a little life to my face, so I heavily relied on my NYX HD Blushes during my trip. I love these because of how pigmented and buildable they are, plus how many shades they have. A light, shiny eyeshadow will work just fine for a highlighter if you don’t want to buy a powder one.

4. Waterproof Eyeliner

Keeping eyeliner from budging is a huge struggle when you are hot and sweaty, so bringing the right eyeliner with you is so important. Waterproof is an absolute requirement. I haven’t found an eyeliner that I would consider truly waterproof, but my closest pick is Kat Von D’s Trooper Liner. I love the brush tip, and it stays on the longest of the brands I’ve tried. Setting the eyeliner with powder or matching eyeshadow can help keep it in place throughout the day. I also started skipping the wing to avoid flaking during the day, too.

5. Tinted Tanning Oil

By about the third day, I realized that in humid weather it was better to skip the foundation. Liquid foundations never dried, and powder ones slide right off. If you can, skip the foundation and replace it with a tinted tanning oil. I used the Tarte Maracuja Bronzing Serum for a healthy glow and more even skin tone. The color builds up the more days use you it, and it doesn’t stay slick or oily after applying it. For problem areas, I would use a bit of concealer over a full face of foundation.

There were so many products I wanted to wear in humid weather, but I was much happier when I stopped worrying about makeup that wouldn’t stay on and paired down my routine to only using products that really worked. It was also a great chance for me to appreciate a more natural look than I was used to wearing. Makeup for humid weather doesn’t need to be a challenge; it just takes a little extra thought.

I’d love to know in the comments if you have any other tips or advice for those humid makeup days. I’m always looking for new recommendations!

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  • Amy Brazier

    Waterproof mascara – brilliant! 🙂

  • I’m not much a makeup girl but I wear eyeliner from time to time so waterproof eyeliner is a great idea. I pretty much try to avoid going outside if it’s humid. Humidity is THE worst!


    Violet Roots || Instagram

    • Brynn Tweeddale

      I agree! Runny eyeliner is the worst.

  • Shatreka | ChicStylez 360

    Great tips! I’m going to have to get some waterproof mascara for the hot Florida days (which is just about every day of the year). Thanks for sharing.


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