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Review: June 2015 Boxycharm

Review: June 2015 Boxycharm

I just received my June 2015 Boxycharm yesterday, and I was so excited to open it, especially as I wasn’t that thrilled with the May box.  Boxycharm is a monthly beauty box that sends you 4-5 full-size products for $21.00 a month, including shipping. Last month’s box had a value of $100—quite a deal for a price that’s just a fifth of that.

Here’s the June box. The packaging was not as neat as usual…the pink packaging was all over the place as you can see:

The five items I received were as follows:

  1. Eslor’s Chlorophyll Lifting Mask ($21.00 value) which was the first sneak peek
  2. NCLA Nudes collection nail polish ($16.00 value)
  3. Cargo Cosmetics eyeshadow single ($16.00 value) which was one of the 3 possible final sneak peaks
  4. Bellapierre’s Kabuki brush ($29.99 value) which was the second sneak peak
  5. The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew Highlighter ($10.00 value)

The total value of this month’s box was $93.00 for me, which is actually pretty low compared to normal.

Other items people received were a Doucce Click Click lipstick ($24.00 value) in various shades or Oscar Blandi Hair Cair Daily Silk Serum ($25.00 value).

On to the reviews of the items.

Eslor Chlorophyll Lifting Mask

I’ve read tons of comments and reviews saying that this product is a holy grail and works amazingly. It has been too soon to see any noticeable difference, but it’s great to have a full size so that you can use it many times to see how it really works. I wasn’t too excited to get another skincare item, though.

Would I buy this again? MAYBE

NCLA Nudes Nail Polish

I am a huge fan of the color I got. I find nude nail polishes very wearable for all types of occasions and often very sophisticated. My last NCLA nail polish chipped way too easily, so I’m hoping the formula for this is a bit better.

Would I buy this again? NO

Cargo Cosmetics Eyeshadow

I’ve also heard great things about this brand’s eyeshadows. I received the color Babylon though I saw some received yellow, purple, and pink shades, as well. Unfortunately, Babylon is a very bright cobalt blue that I believe can only be pulled off by hookers nowadays. Maybe it will work as an eyeliner; Boxycharm posted a tip to apply these eyeshadows as liners when wet. The formula applies smoothly and evenly and is highly pigmented. The following is a quick swatch; the left half is over Pixie Epoxy and the right half is on bare skin:

Cargo Cosmetics Swatch

Would I buy this again? NO

Bellapierre Kabuki Brush

So not excited about this brush. Boxycharm, you already sent me a portable, retractable kabuki brush. Why would I need yet another one? How much powder do you think I wear? I already have my brush set with the only 5 brushes I feel I need. Don’t send me any more, please.

Would I buy this again? NO

The Beauty Crop Highlighter

The pineapple packaging of this is so cute! Beyond that, this is a gorgeous gold-toned highlighter. Unlike other highlighters I’ve tried, this is much less shimmery/glittery and instead just adds a nice, glowing sheen. You barely need to apply any so this bottle will last a long time.

Would I buy this again? YES


Overall, in the June 2015 Boxycharm, there was only one item (the highlighter) that I would definitely buy again and another item (the mask) that I would maybe buy again, depending on how it works over time. I feel like this month’s box was a bit of a fail for me. I would have loved the eyeshadow if it was a more wearable color because the formula seems quite nice. I also am never a big fan of skincare products, which is why I subscribed to Boxycharm in the first place, because they seemed focused on makeup. We’ll have to see what’s in next months box because I’m waiting for a box that blows me away!

What did you get this month? Was this box a success or a failure?


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