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Crowdtap: How to Get Free Stuff

Free stuff—sounds like a scam, right? I have been on the hunt for the best opportunities for free stuff since I got to college and soon after became the infamous broke college student. One of the most successful ways I’ve found so far is Crowdtap.

What is Crowdtap?

Crowdtap is a site that connects brands to consumers to find out what consumers want. That’s right: your opinion matters! The site features brands such as Neutrogena, Goldfish, and McDonald’s who each have their own brand page. Each brand asks Crowdtappers to answer surveys as well as respond to short questions, usually about new products or the brand in general. By completing these tasks, you get entered into the brand’s monthly gift card drawings and increase your chances of being invited into a sample share.

How do you get free stuff?

A sample share is where the brand sends you a product for free in return for an honest review. Since I started using Crowdtap in September 2014, I have received Zep cleaning supplies, tubeless toilet paper, Advil, Brookside chocolate, and an entire litter box system as well as many other products that I’m sure I’m forgetting. The brands are constantly changing, so a variety of options are always available. I’ve seen some makeup and perfume sample shares that I’d love to get in on in the future!

How do you get more free stuff?

When you’re not receiving free samples, you can also win gift cards each month through participation on the site. The more questions and activities you complete, the more points you earn for that brand. Each brand has its own gift card giveaway each month from stores such as Amazon, Walmart, and Sephora. If I answer most of the surveys each month, I tend to get about $25 in Amazon gift cards total. I think it’s totally worth it to get paid to give your opinion!

What else should I know?

If you aren’t completely sold on Crowdtap yet, here’s one more thing that makes them a great company. Each Crowdtapper gets to choose a charity to donate to. I currently give to The Nature Conservancy, but they have many other options such as Invisible Children, ASPCA, Red Cross, etc. The charity whose members earn the most points for the month receives an $1000 donation (and the other charities receive a smaller donation based on their members’ points, too).


Crowdtap is one of the most effective ways I’ve found to try new products and give your opinion for free. I’ve really enjoyed using it as well as the products I’ve received through it.

In my opinion, you should join Crowdtap if:

  • You like free stuff
  • Surveys and questionnaires are fun to you
  • You have a shipping address
  • You have spare time
  • You want to help out a charity
  • You shop at Amazon often

Crowdtap might not be for you if:

  • Surveys are really boring to you
  • You don’t have a permanent residence
  • You are picky about products
  • You are really busy or stressed